Friday, January 3, 2014


A good army friend, multitalented Vasilis Panagiotidis (singer song-writer and actor thank you very much), asked me to design a poster for his upcoming live sessions.
As usual, poster was pitched, worked and finalized through facebook and skype conversations. Not the ideal conditions but we were pretty happy with the result.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


New poster for the upcoming LIVE of Night On Earth.
The event is entitled 'Purgatorium', and I was asked to design a poster that indirectly visualizes Greece's current social/political state.

If purgatory is a 'space' of prolonging the 'afterlife', then Greece is definitely occupying it!
The design is a fictional Purgatory island with protest valleys, occupy locations, salvation camps, hotels, geographies of wishful thinking, ancestor temples and a centered entrance to the Underword (BANKS).
The island is located above a mid-resolution anatomical drawing of a human heart, cohesive but digitally fragmented.

A white background draft was made in the probability of producing t-shirts, while the 'old-map' esthetics of the poster is set to be printed in a limited edition copies and purchased during the LIVE concert.

The live performance will take place this Sunday 25th March 2012 @ BAUMSTRASSE at 21.30.
The entrance fee is 10 euros.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Giorgina's baptism

I recently became a godfather!
Together with my friend Sofia, we baptized Giorgina, the daughter of my best friend Litsa!
Following the tradition of designing the invitations for her firstborn, I took up the task of doing the same for her daughter!
This time we decided to go for something less loud, giving an overall girly touch.

The invitation had a postcard format, with an illustrated portrait of Giorgina and a variety of pink and lilac shades, combined with white flowers.

The back side of the postcard included all the information of the event, as well as a space to place a stamp and hand-write the address of each guest.

The baptism had a great DIY feeling since most of the accessories were designed and made by members of the family. To find out more check here

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ΜΗΤΕΡΑ ΦΑΛΑΙΝΑ ΤΥΦΛΗ ορχήστρα στο βυθό

ΜΗΤΕΡΑ ΦΑΛΑΙΝΑ ΤΥΦΛΗ's new cd is finally out! Following a limited edition demo album, ΟΡΧΗΣΤΡΑ ΣΤΟ ΒΥΘΟ is their long anticipated 14 track work, to which i have the complete artistic direction.
Working closely with Diamantis, the founder and producer of the band, we engaged in a creative marathon initiated from a single figure- that of a blind-folded whale. Song titles and themes would give life to sea creatures drawn by hand and then digitally mastered to create a cohesive outcome.
A cross shape packaging holds inside the cd and a booklet, including lyrics to all tracks and additional visuals.
A fishing thread runs from the cover to the back of the cd, connecting the title with a hooked sea warm and the copyrights tag. Thank yous, band members and other info occupy the front and back side of the cross leaves, while a personal dedication to Diamantis' father is hand-written on the bottom inside of the package.
The booklet consists of 16 pages, starting with a visual inspired by ΚΑΤΑΔΥΣΗ (diving in) and ending with the track list numbered on the back.
Here are two examples of how it looks like:

To listen to there music and check upcoming concerts, follow them on facebook
To buy a copy of their cd contact Diamantis Diamantidis:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

t-shirt for bas

for Bas' birthday i made a t-shirt with an ironed stamp. the t-shirt is called BUGS FOR BAS, a title i came up with after roughly drawing all these creatures with my drawing template. unfortunately i forgot to take a photo of the final product but here's an idea of how it actually looks like.

Friday, April 9, 2010

ntina's business card

Ntina Roussou is an artist and a freelance cook living and working in Amsterdam. After hiring her to cook for a five days workshop, i offered to design her business cards. We made a couple of samples and she decided to go for the grey and black version. Her cooking is exceptional and it's highly recommended for small venues and private parties.

I initially designed the card in color with a reference to various cooking products. this is how it looked:

leeloo's and zazie's birthday cakes

Last year i was asked to create illustrations for Leeloo's (age 4) and Zazie's (age 3) birthday cakes. Leeloo wanted a sea horse princess and Zazie a purple seal with a small bird. Pink had to be the dominant color for Leeloo while for Zazie i could go with something more colorful since she wasn't yet fully into the princess obsession.