Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ΜΗΤΕΡΑ ΦΑΛΑΙΝΑ ΤΥΦΛΗ ορχήστρα στο βυθό

ΜΗΤΕΡΑ ΦΑΛΑΙΝΑ ΤΥΦΛΗ's new cd is finally out! Following a limited edition demo album, ΟΡΧΗΣΤΡΑ ΣΤΟ ΒΥΘΟ is their long anticipated 14 track work, to which i have the complete artistic direction.
Working closely with Diamantis, the founder and producer of the band, we engaged in a creative marathon initiated from a single figure- that of a blind-folded whale. Song titles and themes would give life to sea creatures drawn by hand and then digitally mastered to create a cohesive outcome.
A cross shape packaging holds inside the cd and a booklet, including lyrics to all tracks and additional visuals.
A fishing thread runs from the cover to the back of the cd, connecting the title with a hooked sea warm and the copyrights tag. Thank yous, band members and other info occupy the front and back side of the cross leaves, while a personal dedication to Diamantis' father is hand-written on the bottom inside of the package.
The booklet consists of 16 pages, starting with a visual inspired by ΚΑΤΑΔΥΣΗ (diving in) and ending with the track list numbered on the back.
Here are two examples of how it looks like:

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To buy a copy of their cd contact Diamantis Diamantidis: diamanths@hotmail.com