Wednesday, March 21, 2012


New poster for the upcoming LIVE of Night On Earth.
The event is entitled 'Purgatorium', and I was asked to design a poster that indirectly visualizes Greece's current social/political state.

If purgatory is a 'space' of prolonging the 'afterlife', then Greece is definitely occupying it!
The design is a fictional Purgatory island with protest valleys, occupy locations, salvation camps, hotels, geographies of wishful thinking, ancestor temples and a centered entrance to the Underword (BANKS).
The island is located above a mid-resolution anatomical drawing of a human heart, cohesive but digitally fragmented.

A white background draft was made in the probability of producing t-shirts, while the 'old-map' esthetics of the poster is set to be printed in a limited edition copies and purchased during the LIVE concert.

The live performance will take place this Sunday 25th March 2012 @ BAUMSTRASSE at 21.30.
The entrance fee is 10 euros.